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2020-10-28DUT configuration for CISPR 25 ALSE chamber ambientNone
2020-09-28Automotive EMC Load SimulatorsNone
2020-03-29Validation Testing for Compliance to Automotive EMC Specs/Standards - EMC Test PlanNone
2020-02-24Calibrating Filed Probes for Automotive EMC StandardsNone
2020-02-08Compliance to CISPR-25 Conducted Emissions VoltageNone
2020-02-04CAN Bus Hardware VerificationNone
2020-01-27About Return GroundNone
2019-10-15CISPR-25 RE per CS.00054:2018None
2017-06-05RI 115 "ALSE chamber open door" test configurationNone
2017-04-25CISPR-25 RF emissions ambient test pitfallsNone
2017-04-21RI 115 copy and paste fake reportNone
2017-04-17EMC-CS-2009.1 CI 210 (Us Vp-p calibration issue)None
2016-09-15Automotive Centralized Load Dump Test RequirementsNone
2016-04-27Shielding EffectivenessNone
2016-04-03Automotive BCI Test LimitsNone
2016-03-28CAN Bus Off Recovery5
2016-03-27CAN Bus Noise ToleranceNone
2016-03-25CAN Bus Tx/Rx Error Confinement RulesNone
2016-03-20CAN BUS Off Error HandlingNone
2016-03-01How to reduce RF EmissionsNone
2016-02-23Flexautomotive EMC Laboratory Test Methods CapabilityNone
2016-02-03WPT Fine Positioning ArchitectureNone
2015-10-07EV Electronic Components Certification StandardsNone
2015-10-07EV Charging Stations Certification StandardsNone
2015-10-06Definitions for Acronym EMCNone
2015-10-04ISO 6469-3:2014 - EV Protection of persons against electric shock - Isolation Resistance MeasurementsNone
2015-10-04Electric Vehicle International Safety StandardsNone
2015-10-04EV Battery-Pack Fire SafetyNone
2015-09-29MF/EF Exposure Limits (Refereces)None
2015-09-20EV pros and consNone
2015-09-17Switching to an electric car turns the environemnet green only in certain countriesNone
2015-09-14LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network) or AN (Artificial Network)None
2015-09-13IEC 61000-4-4 (Electric Fast Transients / Burst)None
2015-09-13Plug-in Electrical Vehicle - Residential Charging TimeNone
2015-09-13Electromagnetic SpectrumNone
2015-09-11Automotive Cold Crank, Load Dump, and Reverse Polarity ProtectionNone
2015-09-10Automotive Load Dump Pulse5
2015-09-10Automotive Cranking Pulse2
2015-09-10Automotive 12V Battery - Voltage DropsNone
2015-09-08CAN bus (Controller Area Network)None
2015-09-08CAN Bus Voltage Levels2
2015-09-08CAN Bus Higher Layer ImplementationsNone
2015-09-08CAN Bus StandardsNone
2015-08-30EMC component level RF Immunity (ISO 11452-2:2004) - Testing Remote Start AntennaNone
2015-08-30EMC component level RF Immunity (FMC1278 - RI 114) test setup configurationNone
2015-08-25Tire BlowoutNone
2015-08-24Changing LanesNone
2015-08-21EMC/EMI AcronymsNone
2015-08-14Electric Field ShieldingNone
2015-08-11Functions provided by MF-WPT systemNone
2015-08-11Drivers Saturday morning acquaintance…None
2015-07-30EV compliance versus SAE J1113-41None
2015-07-21WPT Magnetic Field & Electric Field ExposureNone
2015-07-21EV Conductive Charging TimeNone
2015-07-21WPT Dynamic in-motion chargingNone
2015-07-20EV Radiated Disturbance Test for Keyless EntryNone
2015-07-13EMC Requirements AnalysisNone
2015-07-12Shielding EffectivenessNone
2015-07-12EMI Control TechniquesNone
2015-07-10WPT System ExampleNone
2015-07-10EMC re-validation driven by manufacturing plant or production process changesNone
2015-07-09WPT Transfer Power ClassessNone
2015-07-07Fundamental and Operation Frequencies for WPT Charging StationsNone
2015-07-072015 EMC Component Level EMC Specifications for ICE automotive electronicsNone
2015-07-072015 BMW i3 AM radio is susceptible to RF interferences from electric motorsNone
2015-06-21Differences between Inductors and CapacitorsNone
2015-06-12Magnetic Field Wireless Power Transfer (MF-WPT)None
2015-06-10CISPR 11:2010 Raio Frequency (RF) Disturbances - IEC 61980-1 requiementsNone
2015-06-08ISO-11451-2:2005 Narrow Band RF ImmunityNone
2015-06-08Power Transfer to Moving VehiclesNone
2015-06-06Inductive Charging (Wireless Charging)None
2015-06-05EV range at different temperaturesNone
2015-06-04To speak kindly does not hurt the tongueNone
2015-06-03EMC/EMI Test Laboratory for 12/24 VDC Automotive ElectronicsNone
2015-06-03New Flyer Electric BusNone
2015-06-02Canada Safety Code 6 versus IEC 61980-1 / CISPR 11 & CISPR 32 Coducted Emissions Voltage & CurrentNone
2015-06-02EV Wireless Charging (IEC 61980)None
2015-06-02Canada Safety Code 6 versus IEC 61980-1 / CISPR 11 Magnetic Field LimitsNone
2015-06-02Canada Safety Code 6 versus IEC 61980-1 / CISPR 11 Electric FieldNone
2015-06-02EV DomainsNone
2015-06-02EV Battery Charging TimeNone
2015-06-01EV components responsible for electromagnetic emissionsNone
2015-06-01EV StandardsNone
2015-05-31EV champion is NorwayNone
2015-05-31Automotive Electronics - Improving Safety of DrivingNone
2015-05-30Advantages of driving an Electric VehicleNone


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