Electromagnetic Compatibility for Electric Vehicles

EV champion is Norway

Norway is the champion of plug-in vehicle fleet per capita reaching in May 2015 over 50,000 pure EVs and about 4,000 plug-in hybrids using an infrastructure of 6,000 electric recharge stations. Norway government incentives succeeded to make the electric car purchase price competitive with ICE cars. Plug-in EVs are exempted from all non-recurring vehicle fees, 25% VAT on purchase, ferryboat fees, public parking fees, annual road tax, toll payments, and are allowed to use bus lanes. 

In April 2015 YTD EV sales per country in Europe was 8646 in Norway, 5551 in France, and 3461 in Germany. The 2013 population was 5.084 million in Norway, 66.03 million in France, and 80.62 million in Germany.

In Mar 2015 plug-in EVs sold worldwide was 48,062 out of which 23,339 only in US.

In Apr 2015 plug-in EVs sold worldwide was 90,050 out of which 32,443 only in US. The US population in 2014 was 318.9 million. 

US new public charging stations installed in the first quarter of 2015:

1.  California:  436

2.  Florida:  80

3.  Georgia:  67

4.  Washington:  52

5.  Massachusetts:  50

6.  North Carolina:  43

7.  Texas:  40

8.  Ohio:  37

9.  Minnesota:  35

Excluding private stations in the United States the EV drivers have access to 9,639 electric stations and 24,784 charging outlets.