Electromagnetic Compatibility for Electric Vehicles

CAN Bus Higher Layer Implementations

As the CAN standard does not include tasks of application layer protocols, such as flow control, device addressing, and transportation of data blocks larger than one message, and above all, application data, many implementations of higher layer protocols were created. Several are standardized for a business area, although all can be extended by each manufacturer. For passenger cars, each manufacturer has its own standard. Among these implementations are:

• ARINC 825 (for the aviation industry)

• CANaerospace (for the aviation industry)

• CAN Kingdom

• CANopen (used for industrial automation)


• DeviceNet (used for industrial automation)

• EnergyBus (used for electrical vehicles)

• GMLAN (for General Motors)

• ISO 15765-4

• ISO 11783 or ISOBUS (agriculture)

• ISO 14229

• SAE J1939 (heavy road vehicles)

• ISO 11992 for heavy trailers

• MilCAN

CAN bus 10

• NMEA 2000 (marine industry)

• RV-C (used for recreational vehicles)

• SafetyBUS p (used for industrial automation)

• SmartCraft

• Smart Distributed System (SDS)

• VSCP (used for building automation)

Christian Rosu