Electromagnetic Compatibility for Electric Vehicles

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Spectrum is a continuum of all electromagnetic waves (EM) traveling at constant speed (300,000 km/s). An electromagnetic wave consists of electric and magnetic fields which vibrates thus making waves. EM wave wavelength decreases as its frequency increases. Shorter the wavelength, higher is the EM wave energy. Waves with higher frequency can carry a higher energy. The energy is measured in Joules or Electron-Volt (1 J = 6.241509 *10^18 eV).

Wave speed is independent of frequency. Frequency has an inverse relationship to the wavelength, λ (lambda). Lambda * Frequency = Speed

Frequency Allocation Charts:

US: 2011_US_rf_spectrum_chart.pdf (334.3KB)

CANADA: 2014_Canadian_Radio_Spectrum_Chart.pdf (279.1KB)

UK: uk_frequency_allocations_chart.pdf (325.8KB)

AUSTRALIA: aust_rf_spectrum_allocations_chart.pdf (296.7KB)