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Flexautomotive EMC Laboratory Test Methods Capability

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Key Equipment:

  • 3 Meter Semi-Anechoic Chamber (CISPR-25 & FCC compliant) Size: 20’ W x 30’ L x 18’ H

o   RF shielding effectiveness report #09-0212-6

o   MIL STD 285 (modified) and EN 50147-1 Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) report #09-0212-6 CISPR 25 & ANSI C63.4-2003

o   Equipment Shielded Room

  • GM MILFORD Type Shielded Chamber Size: 4.9 m x 3.6 m x 3.1 m

o   MIL STD 285 (modified) and EN 50147-1 compliant

  • RF Amplifiers:

o   AR 10 KHz to 250 MHz / 250 W

o   AR 80 MHz to 1000 MHz / 200 W

o   AR 1000 MHz to 2000 MHz / 200 W

o   AR 2000 MHz to 4000 MHz / 200 W

o   AR 4000 MHz to 8000 MHz / 200 W

o   AR 8000 MHz to 18000 MHz / 200 W

  • EMI Receiver 9 KHz to 3 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHz to 12.8 GHz; Spectrum Analyzer 10 Hz to 150 MHz
  • Antennas: Monopole, Biconical, Log-periodic, Octave, Horn, Hi Gain covering 10 KHz to 40 GHz
  • EMTEST CW500D, BCI injection probe & field monitoring probe
  • EMTEST and Schaffer Transient Pulse Generators:

o   Standards: ISO, ETS, DIN, GOST, JASO, SAE

o   OEM: BMW, Case New Holland, Class, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Freightliner, GM, Honda, Iveco, John Deere, Kia/Hyundai, Mack Truck, MAN, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Piaggio, Porsche, PSA, Renault, Scania, Smart, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen

  • TEM Cell (45 cm septum) 9 KHz to 200 MHz
  • Tri-Plate RF Immunity
  • ESD

o   temperature and humidity controlled room

o   HAEFELY up to ±30 KV capability

  • Signal Generators, Power Meters, Filed Monitoring & Field probes 80 MHz to 40 GHz for both metallic table (ISO 11452-2) and non-metallic (SAE J1113-21) table RF Immunity testing
  • Broad Band Artificial Networks for Direct RF Injection per SAE J1113-3
  • Artificial Networks (LISN) per ISO 7637-2, ISO 11452-4, CISPR-25, and CISPR-16-1-2
  • Rhode & Schwartz fixture required by Ford for RI Pulses
  • Pulse Generators required by Ford for CI 220, RI 130
  • EMTEST Conducted Transients Emissions Generator required by Chrysler
  • TESEO Fiber Optic Voltmeter and Oscilloscope Monitoring System
  • EMSCAN (1 MHz to 1700 MHz) tablet scan
  • Fiber Optic Communication System for CAN bus and various other protocols

 Automotive EMC Test Capability (12V & 24V Systems)

      Full testing capability:

  • FCA (Chrysler/Fiat): CS11979; CS00054
  • FMC (Ford): EMC-CS-2009.1; FMC1278
  • GM: GMW3097; GMW3172
  • VW: 80000; TL82566; TL 82466; TL82366; TL82066
  • Daimler: MBN 10284-2, MBN LV124-1, MBN LV124-2
  • Mitsubishi: ES- X82114-D, ES-X46238-E, ES-X82010, ES-X82115-D

      Partial testing capability:

  • Toyota: TSC7026G, TSC0500G, SC7001G, TSC7006G, TSC7508G
  • Nissan: 28400NDS05, 28400NDS02
  • BMW: GS 95002, GS 95003-2
  • Hyundai: ES96200

Test Methods Summary

RF Immunity

o   ISO 11452-4 - SAE J1113-4, ISO/IEC 61000-4-21 BCI Substitution/Closed Loop Method 10 KHz to 400 MHz

o   ISO 11452-2, SAE-J1113-21 - Anechoic Chamber (ALSE) 200 MHz to 18 GHz 150 V/m

o   ISO 11452-8 - Magnetic Field Immunity 15 Hz to 30 kHz Helmholtz Coil

o   ISO 11452-9 – Hand Portable Transmitters 360 MHz to 2.7 GHz (FCA, FMC)

o   ISO 11452-3 – TEM Cell (1 to 200 MHz)

o   IEC 61000-4-21 - Reverberation Mode Tuned 360 MHz to 3.1 GHz 300 V/m

o   SAE J1113-28 - Reverberation Mode Tuning Method (Radar Pulses 300 V/m)

o   SAE J1113-21 – ALSE without a Ground Plane  200 MHz to 3.2 GHz (150 V/m)

o   SAE-J1113-25 - Tri-Plate Method (DC to 1000 MHz)

o   SAE-J1113-24 - TEM Cell (1 to 200 MHz, 200 V/m) ISO 11452-3, Toyota

o   SAE J1113-3 - Direct RF Injection – Conducted Immunity (250 KHz to 400 MHz)

Magnetic Field Immunity

o   SAE J1113/22, MIL-STD-461E, ISO-11452-8 Helmholtz Coil (15 Hz  to 30 KHz)

o   Radiated Loop (20 Hz to 50 KHz)

RF Emissions

o   CISPR-25, SAE-J1113-41 Radiated (150 KHz to 3 GHz) – Antenna Measurements

o   CISPR-25, SAE-J1113-41 Conducted Voltage (150 KHz to 200 MHz) – Artificial Network Measurements

o   CISPR-25, SAE-J1113-41 Conducted Current (10 KHz to 200 MHz)  - Current Probe Measurements

o   CISPR-25, SAE-J1113-42 Conducted Transient Emissions

o   CE 421 FMC1278 Conducted Emissions (0.1 to 150 KHz)

o   Pin Conducted Emissions 150 KHz TO 110 MHz (LP-388C-41)

o   Near Field RF Emissions - EMSCAN (1 MHz to 1700 MHz)

Magnetic Field Emissions

o   MFE (15 Hz to 200 KHz): DC-10614, Peugeot B21 7110-C, Nissan 28401NDS02[3]

Conducted Transient Emission

o   ISO-7637-2; SAE J1113-42; FCA CS11979/CC00054; Ford EMC-CS-2009.1/FMC1278, GMW3097, Nissan, VW, Toyota, BMW

     Conducted Transient Immunity (Power Lines)

o   ISO-7637-2; ISO 16750-2; SAE J1113-11 (P1, P1b, P2a, P2b, P3a, P3b, 4, 5a, 5b) VDS = 60 V / 100 A

o   CI 220 Transient Disturbances FMC1278 (A1, A2-1, A2-2, C-1, C-2)

o   SAE J1113-2 Conducted Immunity 15 Hz to 250 KHz (all leads)

Coupled Transients Immunity (I/O Lines)

o   ISO-7637-3, SAE J1113-12 Capacitive Coupling Clamp (CCC), Direct Capacitor Coupling (DCC), LED Lighting Power Lines

o   RI 130 & RI 150 (50 Hz to 100 kHz) FMC1278 wire to wire coupling

Electrostatic Discharge

ISO 10605; SAE J1113-13; IEC 61000-4-2 ESD up to 30 KV

o   ESD Handling

o   ESD Operating (Field Coupled, Direct Coupled, Remote Inputs, Communication Lines)

Electrical Overstress Testing (ISO-16750-2, SAE J1113-2, FCA, FMC)

Operating Requirements

o   Supply Voltage Range

o   IOD - Ignition Off Draw

Supply Voltage Variations

o  Sneak Path

o  Supply Voltage Drop-Out

o  Supply Voltage Dips

o  Power Supply disconnection

§  Single/Multiple Line Interruption

§  Reset Behavior at Voltage Drop

o  Starting Profile

§  Engine Cold Cranking

§  Engine Warm Cranking / Stop – Start

o  Slow Decrease and Increase of Supply Voltage

o  Supply Voltage Ramp-up & Ramp-down

o  Overvoltage

o  Superimposed alternating voltage

o  Slow decrease and increase of supply voltage

o   Defective Regulation (Full-Fielded Alternator) and Jump Start

o   Reverse Supply Voltage

Electrical System Compatibility

o  Immunity to Short Circuits, short-circuit endurance

o  Supply Voltage Input and Load Output Lines

o  I/O Signal Lines

o  Immunity to Potential Differences Between Supplies

o  Immunity to Ground Voltage Offset CI 250 FMC1278 (2 KHz to 100 KHz)

o   Open Circuit

o  Motor Stall

o  Resistance to Overload

o   Insulation Resistance

o   Breakdown/Withstand Voltage

o  Immunity to leakage resistance

o  Immunity to high series resistance

o  Supply Switch Deactivation (FCA)

o  Parasitic Current Measurement

o  FMC ELCOMP Testing