Electromagnetic Compatibility for Electric Vehicles

RI 115 "ALSE chamber open door" test configuration

A few months ago I was surprised that UL lab (Novi, MI) runs RI 115 (Immunity to Hand Portable Transmitters) leaving the ALSE chamber door fully open. I have requested the test engineer to confirm that he follows correctly UL lab internal test procedure. The response was that this is practically near field RF immunity, therefore there is no concern to interfere with other lab test equipment.

This is completely false, the reason for closing ALSE chamber door during RF immunity is to evaluate the DUT performance in a noise free environment with minimum of reflections from the chamber's walls. By opening ALSE chamber door RF emissions from nearby test equipment, broadcast and mobile services may be reflected from walls affecting DUT performance simultaneously with the intended RF near field.

I would be very curious to understand how was possible for A2LA to certify such test setup. Is this "open door" RI 115 configuration acceptable for Ford?