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Automotive LIN bus

10. November 2021 17:32 by Christian in EMC/EMI, EMC TEST PLAN, Test Equipment
In automotive EMC testing the LIN bus master/slave nodes must be terminated to replicate vehicle loading.

In automotive applications the LIN bus is used as communication bus for various functions:

  • Steering wheel: Cruise control, wiper, climate control, radio
  • Comfort: Sensors for temperature, sun roof, light, humidity
  • Powertrain: Sensors for position, speed, pressure
  • Engine: Small motors, cooling fan motors
  • Air condition: Motors, control panel (AC is often complex)
  • Door: Side mirrors, windows, seat control, locks
  • Seats: Position motors, pressure sensors
  • Other: Window wipers, rain sensors, headlights, airflow

A master node loops through each of the slave nodes, sending a request for information - and each slave responds with data when polled. The data bytes contain LIN bus signals (in raw form).

For EMC component level testing purpose, the LIN bus termination must be properly terminated to simulate vehicle loading scenario. 



Christian Rosu, Nov 10, 2021